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Welcome to paradise

A hostel made for mindful responsible travelers

Eco Travel Hostel is a vital part of the Planet Conservation organization and supports the projects with volunteers that stay long or short term as well as giving away 50% of the profits of the hostel for the benefit of the community projects. The concept of this place goes beyond traditional accommodation and wants you to experience a balance between physical well-being, emotional health and spiritual peace of the conscious traveler without abandoning the essence of responsible travel which focuses on the reduction of the ecological footprint and in the improvement of the local economy.

The hostel is located in Cocles a beautiful part of Puerto Viejo area in Talamanca, Costa Rica. It offers simple, clean but comfortable accommodation, a healthy diet and a cultural exchange environment where volunteers, students, and travelers can fulfill the purpose of their trip and support ongoing projects, help with beach cleanups, in the vegetable garden or even learn about local cuisine while helping our fantastic cook Marlene.

Affordable prices

We offer affordable but comfortable shared and private rooms that fit your needs, just focus on your new experiences.

Transformative experiences

We want you to focus on your physical and emotional well-being, participating in mindful activities, tours and making new friends. 

Responsible traveling

Be part of solutions participating in environmental and social projects that transforms the community and yourself. 

Client´s experiences

Discover what our guests said about the experience of staying with us.

carlaurban (2).jfif


from Austria

"The time in the Eco Travel Hostel was an extremely special time in my life. Not only could I grow and learn a lot personally, I really felt that the work was meaningful and needed. Beate, Federico, and the rest of the staff make you feel like home and welcome you with open hearts. I did not want to go home and for sure will come back sooner or later."



from Germany

“Eco Travel Hostel is wonderful. The house, of course, but also Beate and Federico and all the wonderful people I met here. Staying here never gets old and it really taught me about being conscious about my impact. Learning to use less water, watch my waste, use less plastic, and composting food. It’s not just a hostel, it’s a lifestyle.”

aisha fb.jpg


from UK

"Puerto Viejo is breathtaking! Living at the Eco Travel Hostel gave me many opportunities to meet people from around the world, take part in dance and yoga sessions, learn Spanish and also how to surf! My time in Puerto Viejo truly allowed me to explore, experience and indulge in the local life so much so, that I didn’t want to leave!"

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