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Yoga lessons

Our Rancho has a wooden floor and is open on all 4 sides to create an open airy space with incredible views to the jungle.  A great environment to start learning about the benefits of Yoga for your body and health and also for yogis to deepen their personal practice.

We provide yoga mats, bolsters, roll up mats and cushions. Unlike some yoga studios, we have no walls, so animals might appear and the use of a natural insect repellent is recommended.

The facility is excellent for gatherings of all kinds: yoga, meditation, massage classes, or a space of being peaceful. If you are looking for a location in the heart of nature, it is an ideal place for relaxation and quietude.

Join our free Yoga classes every Thursday. Our experienced Yoga teachers will be delighted to teach you this wonderful art. We can also recommend more Yoga places if you would like to continue your practice in Puerto Viejo.

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